Voting is a great way for the server to advertise itself without having to rely on large, and expensive, advertising. As a server, it allows us to grow as more people join our community, and bring their friends. A great deal of care has gone into the voting system used in the server, as our switch to BungeeCord mades things far more complicated than anticipated. As a result, we can now bring back voting properly to make sure it benefits everyone.

As a key feature of our new system, it allows you to vote for our server; and then claim a reward in either of our servers. This will currently be limited to the Survival, Creative and Factions server; although allows us to offer server orientated rewards. These are randomly rewarded, so you may recieve junk, or recieve the ultimate prize. Each vote only counts once, so claiming a reward in Survival will stop you claiming it elsewhere.

In the Survival server, you can claim a random reward, consisting of blocks / food / armour / and weapons. You will also earn a cash reward for voting, and there's a chance of winning a higher sum of money. So don't forget to try it out and see what you can win!

In the Creative server, the rewards are different due to the nature of the server. So instead of offering blocks / money, you can instead win bonus claim blocks that you can use to protect your builds. Since many other servers will ask you to pay for such features, it is only right that we offer a free way to earn them yourself. Happy claiming!

For the Factions server, we have not yet decided upon a reward scheme. Please check back soon to see if there are any updates to this situation. In the mean time, please redeem your votes in the creative and survival server.

Many Thanks.

MrLogano - Owner

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